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These are a little summaries of some of the places I have trained around the world across the years. I have always been keen to learn different styles and methods from various coaches. It is very interesting to see and experience the systems coaches and gyms adopt. This information is from my experiences at these places and things rapidly change over time from coaches leaving or being replaced, facilities adding extra services to rebranding of whole new teams. I suggest people to just go and try a place for yourselves and create your own experience. In Australia, I have had one main trainer my whole career, the legendary Laos Toohey with himself being in the game for so long. He was a key influential person who taught me to have an open mind and learn from everyone and all styles. I think it is beneficial to step out of your comfort zone and have the mentality to learn from all different people! Allowing yourself to grow and see things in a different perspective and perhaps creating new friendships along the way. One thing I did take away from all those experiences was to respect what others had to share, you can never not stop learning! 


I don't have information on prices for training and  other things such as accommodations as they vary depending on what you desire, for example if you just trained it would be different to training and accommodation packages. They also vary sometimes if you tend to stay longer or shorter at a gym. Best to directly message the business as they can give you an updated price on what they offer. I left contact details to reach out so you can explore yourself. 


Bloodline, London 

The place is definitely a legit Muay Thai fighter gym but something also caters to beginners and fitness. Located in London, it boasts a multi level space that offers Yoga, HIIT classes, kids classes and more. Trainers are ex or current champions who have competed on the U.K circuit on promotions such as Muay Thai GP. You get a good sweat on, and work good combinations that are relevant to fighting. They mix up good western boxing with Thai style, the facilities are good for the size they have. And they utilize the space quite well. The vibe is very welcoming with a big mix of different people both male and female. They seem to have fighters competing regularly so it seems if you commit and work your way in you can get opportunities being with them. Phil demonstrated some good attacking and defensive techniques with elbows, and always kept a watchful eye on students. Classes vary depending on what you go to, but they focus on drilling, pads and sparring techniques. He likes to utilize elbows in his games, something I love about Muay Thai. The vibe is very welcoming and non intimidating and can cater to all levels from all walks of life. I recommend this to anyone wanting to learn Muay Thai and perhaps take the next step to compete!  


Combat Sports Center, Munich 

Located in Emmering Munich, this makeshift facility offers: BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, Yoga Kickboxing and more! It is a great blend between fitness and strong physical training. The Vibe is very family orientated and is a community club for all. The culture there is not intimidating and everyone is there to focus on their goals to improve. It has great facilities and the space is just right for all the services they offer on their timetable. I would definitely recommend this place if you're passing through!



Synergy MMA, bali

A great facility that focuses on BJJ and MMA I mixed it up with at the time Rich Leenderts was a coach he had a dutch style of fighting and was a true gentleman. I went in 2015 so there will be changes. The facility was great and had a great vibe there primary focus is Bjj has a strong reputation in the Indonesian grappling world. It is located in a great area so there are many things to do! 



Arete, Thong Lo, Bangkok

A gym that solely focuses on grappling, it offers BJJ (in gi and no gi)  and Judo, it's a family club located in Thong Lo, Thong Lo is filled with nice restaurants and bars, the facility is located on the 19th Floor so you have to get a lift up, you do get a good view of Bangkok when the Sun is shining. They offer classes from morning, lunch and evening. They also have a big kids program that attracts lots of families. One of the only focused grappling gyms in Bangkok, they have a competition team that also competes at regional competitions. One of the coaches Achilles is the president of the Thai MMA federation he competed for Thailand in Judo and has many connections in the martial arts world in Thailand. The clubs BJJ Lineage is through Nova Uniao, due to its central location you have lots of different people coming in, many business expats come through, this makes it a great place to make some connections into Bangkok life. The coaches are all experienced and provide thorough feedback, classes are usually a warm up, drills and techniques, positional sparring then  free roll/ sparring. They have a nice clean shower area and the facility is very lit. They also have a little juice bar if you want something after your workout! Depending on what class you go to,it can vary for the amount of coloured belts that are in. For example lots of lower belts coming in the morning and night classes many higher belts come. But changes due to people's schedules. You have many different bodies to work with, and the vibe is very welcoming, everyone is nice! No ego. Everyone is just there to learn and get better so it's a great place to learn BJJ. I highly recommend this place if you want to get better at grappling as this is one of the few gyms that only focus on it. 

fa group, Chatuchak, Bangkok

A gym that is focused on Muay Khao Style of Muay Thai, if you want to improve your clinch game this is the place to be! A really small space with a few bags,a ring and accommodation. It is quite basic facilities but the training and trainers level you up in the clinch. The session is quite different to other gyms where clinching is done after the pads and your skills session, but here it is the opposite. They begin with clinching! If you are not used to clinching you'll definitely have a sore neck after a few sessions. But as they say no clinch no Muay Thai. It is very important to get good at this skill. Yothin is one of the main fighters but also one of the main trainers, he has heaps of knowledge and still actively fights on the Bangkok stadium circuit. The gym has produced many famous world class fighters such as Petchboonchu! There are many foreigners who come with the aim to get better in clinch as some western countries don't really emphasise on that skill, so they benefit a lot by coming in. The vibe of the place is great, lots of fun and joking around but serious when you need to be. They speak good enough english and break down skills really well. There are many fighters there but they also cater to beginners, just have to open your mind to the clinching aspect of the Muay Thai game and you will see some improvement in your game!

jitti gym, Ratchadapisek, Bangkok

Located near the MRT in Ratchadapisek, this gym has a lot of history and was once a huge gym. It had a huge staple of Thai champions and Foreigners too.  Things have changed a lot since then, with their target market being less focused on fighters more on fitness. There are still fighters that come through, but they have lots more fitness enthusiasts coming in. If you're keen to fight for them they still have many connections in the scene not just for Muay Thai but boxing and MMA.  The timings for training are later than most Bangkok gyms so it caters to people who work normal trading hours. They also offer BJJ which attracts another type of crowd but it's a great blend, and the trainers are really fun and happy to be around. They are very social and if you decide to stay at the gym they will always invite you to eat dinner with them alot. Very hospitable people, there is a trainer called Wifi who makes it a lot of fun! Jokes around a lot which makes hard training fun. Most of the trainers speak good English, they have a boxing ring, bags and a mat area with a cage side panel for BJJ. Training usually starts with a warm up in skipping, shadow, bag work then 3-4 rounds of pads, and depending on who is there sparring, finished off with a bag work. The load changes if you have a fight booked. There is also a little cafe so people after training chill there have something to eat or drink. The vibe is very welcoming and if you're new to Muay Thai it is a great place to start and they can cater very well to Beginners.

kiatphontip, mahidol, Bangkok

A gym that holds a special part in my life, it was my first introduction into a Thai training camp, where I learnt real Muay Thai in the mecca of Muay Thai of Thailand. I have been going there since 2011 training for fights in Australia and have represented the gym many times. Half of my Muay Thai fights were representing the gym. I may be biased to this place only because I spent so much time there from a young age and the connections I had with the trainers and everyone there I will cherish for the rest of my life. Located in Salaya, Mahidol. On the outskirts of Bangkok. The gym is owned and managed by Miss Taa and Rob Cox, most people that come to this camp live at the camp's accommodation, they have rooms available as well as providing 2 x meals each day breakfast and dinner in their packages. This is what makes it special as you live, breathe and train Muay Thai living at the camp. 


The facilities are very basic with some old bags, a ring and mat space, the trainers are Liam, Yod and Mr. Pit. but change depending on if some trainers go to Europe etc. Kiatphontip got its name through Jompop, a Bangkok stadium fighter, who now lives and has a gym also called Kiatphontip in Leeds, England. Many foreigners come through this gym, in the early years there was a big amount of Thais training and fighting for the gym. They focus a lot more now on developing foreigners. Most trainers speak  English, the vibe is very fun and welcoming. Training consists of Skipping, Shadow, Bag work, 5 rounds of  pads and clinching. Morning is usually either an 8k or 12k run followed by drills, techniques or sparring. They push you hard and take you to your limits because that's the style they want is to be strong, fit and to push forward. Miss Taa and Miss Naa’s food is great, clean and tasty, so after training and showers people sit in the communal area and share food with each other. Great time for everyone to connect and mingle, lots of strong bonds of friendship were made at this table. It is very local but there is a big University called Mahidol University, the strip and area near the grounds offer lots of places to eat and relax after training. If you're looking to have the full package of Training, Accommodation and Thai Village experience this is the place to check out. I highly recommend it to all who want to live, breathe and train Muay Thai. 


The world famous and Muay Thai genius Manasak runs the show here, he floats around from country to country and to Chiang Mai, The place is located in Ladprao region and is secluded in a sort of housing estate. It is quite cool because of all the trees and shade so it makes it quite pleasant to train there when it is hot. Manasak is a genius and still fights! For his age he still has all the skills which is quite remarkable. His partner Lisa is the person to speak to find the place. She is also a really good fighter and a very sweet person who will help link you up with him. Training is usually a run, shadow, bag work and 5 rounds of pads. The technical breakdown and skills that he offers is amazing. It is no wonder he is in high demand to do seminars overseas.  He is also such a friendly and very positive person to be around. It is a huge space that the place has and for its space it has lots of potential for great things. When we did train with him his plans were to move to Chiang Mai so I'm not sure what the future holds for the gym. 

PK Saenchai Muaythai Gym, sathorn,Bangkok

One of the top gyms in Thailand located in the Sathorn Region of Bangkok, the facilities of this place are amazing. They have 4 raised boxing rings, a cage, bag area, weights area and shower facilities for males and females. The gym has a huge amount of fighters, it is common to have fighters fighting literally every week. Get used to seeing boys and girls cutting weight there all the time. It is very common to see many in sweat suits come the weekend. The training is intense and high level, afternoon sessions start with a 20 min run on a treadmill, followed by skipping, 5 rounds pads, bag work, clinching or sparring weights and conditioning with Kui. Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays a boxing trainer called Pui comes in, he used to coach the Thailand national team and he holds pads for everyone . The workload is increased on those days also, as you do extra just only boxing rounds with him and others. He is very strict on his process and boxing style, but it's important because he will improve your hands so much even if you already have strong hands. Mornings vary but all start with a run and then either sparring or conditioning work with the conditioning coach Kui. All his work is purposeful. He studied Sport Science at University, it's very rare that gyms in Thailand have such a coach so PK is very smart in utilizing someone like him! They have 10 trainers who all are amazing at what they do. All of them have different styles of pads, most are fighters from the golden generation of Muay Thai so they have a wealth of knowledge.  


Kru Wang and Son are the head trainers and look after all the top level guys. But my favorites are Pricjai, Dedtuang and Wit, (I have definitely misspelled their names) they all are great so you'll get solid rounds in and overall amazing technique and feedback. Lots of high level foreigners come too and they feel they can learn something. It's common to see people in One Championship or Glory, or hold multiple state and national titles in their countries. The environment is very welcoming once you get to know people and all the trainers. It is home to the likes of Tawanchai, Prajacnhai, Chok Dee, Ognjen Topic, Muang Thai and many more. You do get to train and spar with the likes of them depending if people have fights. It also really depends on everyone's schedules. As there are so many promotions that PK can get their fighters on, the fight options are endless. Just speak to the manager Game and he can manage your fights. They can cater to all levels but if you're a fighter that's experienced and looking to get better and get fight options this is the place! Game, and his father have many connections in the scene, they are also a big gambling gym who have links to the stadiums and can definitely progress careers. The technical knowledge that is at your disposal here is amazing and I truly learn something from every session, they always have something to critique on, so come with an open mind and try to embrace all the skills and knowledge passed on to  you. I definitely recommend people to come here. 

Pom gym, onnut,Bangkok

Located in the Onnut area of Bangkok, this is a gym that offers BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai. The coach is Korean, his name is Yong and is a really nice person with a wealth of experience in BJJ and MMA.  They have great facilities and it is quite spacious. The mat space is quite big so it can take a large amount of people. It has cage panels covering some ends so you can practice MMA cage control. They have a few bags for people to use as well. Class varies to what you decide to partake in. The trainers are all experienced. But people go to train at the gym with Yong. There are some MMA elite Japanese and Filipino who are signed to One Championship that come and train there in the MMA sessions with coach Yong. He has one multiple awards in the BJJ and has a high level ground game, its location is secluded in a busy area of Onnut which makes it quite nice. They have class from morning till night so it can suit anyone's schedule and time. The vibe is very welcoming and open to all, definitely try if you're in the Onnut area!


Teded99, Phaya Thai, Bangkok

A gym that is purely focused on Thais, if you don't speak Thai you may struggle to even find the place as it is quite hard to find. It's an apartment complex and situated at the roof top and has a great view whilst you train, you get to see a lot of Bangkok whilst hitting the bag, they have a boxing ring, a big weights area, and bag area. Training consists of a run then skipping, shadow, bag work, 4-5 rounds of pads and clinching. It's one of the big gambling gyms and has a huge stable of fighters. If you want a real Thai experience then you should try this gym. It is a bit hard to communicate with them if you don't speak Thai, as they dont train as many foreigners in comparison to other gyms. But after a while of training there, and you get to know the trainers and other people it could be worth your while. A gym called Sidchef Boontam was a gym that merged with them as they closed and they had many fighters come over so their team is even bigger. There is one trainer there, his name is Moss and he speaks great English (trainer from Sidchef Boontam) . He lived in New Zealand and trained people there for a while. Best to get to know him! He is also a great trainer and has so much knowledge, his style is Muay Femur and can adapt to anybody. For those looking to get the full Thai experience and working your way into the stadiums this is a good option as the owner of the gym is a famous gambler who can potentially get big fights if you are what they are looking for and you commit to them. 


The box thailand, SUKHUMVIT, Bangkok

The gym is solely focused on boxing but does offer Muay Thai and conditioning, where it is located in the heart of Bangkok in the Sukhumvit area and there are many foreigners coming in. The coaches are from the UK and adopt a western style, focusing on clean boxing. I would say a mix of US and Cuban style as they do focus a lot on and out movements to attacking and defense. They cater to all levels and if you want to focus on your amateur boxing pedigree this is a good place, they won't throw you in the deep and match you up with the right fight  if you decide to go that path. They have an indoor and outdoor area as well as bags and a raised boxing ring. Class usually consist of skipping, specific shadow drilling, drills, bag work, and technical sparring. If you want to improve on the sweet science of boxing I definitely recommend this place.



Located in the heart of Bangkok, a small facility but space is utilized quite well. Training session consisted of warm up skipping, bag work, pads then clinch or sparring. There are great famous fighter trainers there that have a lot to offer.  Singdam is a household name and there were so many A class Thai trainers teaching. It was also nice to see Saencahai moving around the place too! He is so friendly and welcoming. They offer lots of technical feedback and push you, from start to the end of the session. Due to its location there are many people coming through but also to get a glimpse of the legendary Saenchai.


Manop maximum, Chiang Mai

 Manop is a wizard of Muay Thai, if you want to display beautiful Muay Thai he is the man to see! His passion, and his attention to details is amazing. His understanding of the game will improve anyone's Muay Thai style. And the assistant trainers also all contribute well, the facility is smaller than most but perfect for their service. They have a ring, bags and mat space, if you want to live at the gym they also have accommodation. Training varies in morning and afternoons, depending on your workload. Mornings is an 8k run, shadow, bag work and techniques/ drills followed by conditioning. Afternoon is similar with skipping, shadow pad work usually 4-5 rounds, bag work then clinching or sparring. Manop used to be a trainer for Saenchai, and he has heaps of tricks to show people. Chiang Mai is very picturesque so when you're training you have the view of a rainforest mountain, definitely check it out if you're in the area!



The facilities are great and it has a very welcoming community vibe to the place, its location is scenic and morning training is very pleasant in that outdoor environment. It boasts an airconditioned BJJ room, weights gym, restaurant, and a Muay Thai area that  has two rings and many bags. Class consists of a warm up; skipping and conditioning, 3 rounds of pads, 3 rounds of bag work, sparring, and conditioning. There are varied levels of skills at the gym, the trainers are very enthusiastic and fun! Speak great English and make sure you're smiling during training. Depending on your skill level they'll push you according to that. The Bjj no gi class is great with the  breakdowns of skills that are easy to understand and you have some guys and girls who just come to AKA just to focus on the BJJ program. They offer MMA, Muay Thai, Bjj no gi and gi, fitness and personal training. What was great about training here was the weekend training, a 7k run along the mountains then pad work on the beach. Best feeling after a workout is to jump into the cold water. I recommend you try all the services there, even the restaurant had nice healthy meals so it is a full experience that caters to all levels.


phuket fight club, PHUKET

Located in the Chalong area of Phuket, many foreigners come to this gym and many of them have become champions on the stadium circuit. The Muay Thai program has many fighters from Brazil but also many other countries too. The facilities are great! They have a big Muay Thai area, Accommodation, CrossFit section, and a grappling area for BJJ, Wrestling and MMA. Class usually consists of running 5-6k along the beach road, which is a nice view, 4-5 rounds of pad work, bag work, clinching and or sparring. The trainers there are all very knowledgeable and push you. The BJJ program is also great, a brazilian coach, Silvio Braga is there and he has got a great understanding of BJJ. He is also very patient for newbies which I think is very important when you begin BJJ. He can cater to all levels to high level belts. The vibe is very welcoming and if you apply yourself a lot can happen as they have many connections to promotions but also is home to ONE championship level fighters. The head trainer, Leo, is a really high level foreigner coach, and I went in 2015 when it was Elite Fight Club. He was still a coach then and grew with the club until it rebranded to the new and evolved facility and team to what it is now. It is for sure one of the best gyms in Phuket. I definitely recommend trying it if you're in Phuket.


This gyms motto is to "have fun and be dangerous" and it is a very fun place and you learn skills along the way! Training usually consist of a warm up, shadow, bag work, pads and sparring. Their warms up are a bit different to some as they work alot with agility ladders and do functional type trainings in their warm ups, which is great improve your skills in those types of areas. There is a mixture of all levels and if you want to fight, they have opportunities for people. The trainers are all really knowledgeable and experienced. The facilities are great they have two boxing rings, two large matt spaces, many bags, a cafe, accommodation and also offer BJJ. There BJJ school is under Gracie Barra. I really got along with the trainer Bang, he is very experienced and knows how to push you hard! All the staff at Sutai are very helpful and are good with English so it is easy to communicate with them all. The gym has a great, friendly warm vibe to it and all are welcome. I highly recommend coming here if your in Phuket.  


lamai muay thai camp, Koh samui

This camp has a great vibe to it, the training is suited to all levels. The trainers are very knowledgeable and caring. They have a decent mix of fighters and all levels. Training is very fun but also challenging. They have great facilities bags, two rings, mats space and weights area. They also have accomodation at the gym if you would like to live at the gym. Coach Nong offers great advice and tips on all styles of Muay Thai, all the trainers at the gym push you but provide lots of feedback on technique.  It's a gym that is welcoming to all, the gym is also sanctioned by the World Muay Thai Council. Many IFMA national teams use this camp as a place to train for the IFMA tournaments. Training varies depending if you're in the fighter class or normal, but the difference between the two is the intensity in the pad work and the sparring. The normal class sparring is a bit less tempo cause of all the various levels coming in. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and great vibes at the gym for all skill level. 


super pro Samui, Koh samui

This place has a resort type feel to the environment, has a really nice pool and the location Koh Samui is one of my favorite destinations in Thailand. As it has many beautiful beaches, and nature. They offer BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai and CrossFit and carters to all levels. Really nice facilities and an all round nice vibe. Lots of different foreigners come in so you have different body types to train with. Some famous elite level fighters have come through and done training camps such as Alastair Overeem. 

yodyut muaythai, Koh samui

i found this place because I have friends that trained here, but also some of my old trainers from Kiatphontip in Bangkok migrated to this gym it was home to my friend Sean Clancy and the One Champion Smilla. They have a good track record of building up fighters and have great facilities. It is a very big gym boast 2 rings, huge matt space and many bags. Training consist of a warm up, skill work, sparring, 5 rounds of pads and clinching.  All the trainers are very knowledgable but also very friendly! The place is open to everyone, and is welcoming to all people. If your looking for a mix of beginners to fighters this is a great place. 


Real Fighter, Lund

This place has industrial size space, much like a huge warehouse. It boasts  a raised boxing ring and a big space for classes. They have many bags and pads and shower facilities. The owner Toni is very welcoming and has a large stable of fighters, there are also Thai trainers that take some classes and offer Personal Training. Real Fighter also hosts fight promotions at their gym and other tournaments, so they have a decent pathway to get fights. Toni also has connections overseas for his fighters. He built up a big fight team and the vibe is very welcoming. It has a high volume of University aged students due to its proximity to the University campus. Lund city is known to be a university hub.

Golden LeaF, malmo

A small boutique gym with a long history in Malmö managed by Arian is a seasoned veteran who regularly trains in Thailand, and fights on promotions in Copenhagen, Denmark. Classes are small in number but it is because the facility is quite small, but they do with the space they have. Arian has good technical knowledge and has set a good culture at the gym. He tries to emphasize a lot of efficient combinations and likes to utilize the Muay Matt Style of Muay Thai. Classes vary on what time you go and they usually hold sparring days on Fridays, but your classes consist of warm up (Skipping), shadow, drills and conditioning. Because of its size and can get compact inside when it is full but the vibe from the people is great once you get to know them all. They also offer Boxing only class with a coach called Freddie, a very seasoned boxer on the Swedish scene and teaches the real sweet science and has an emphasis on footwork in his class. Many of the boys there try to go to Thailand to learn Muay Thai and focus on going to camps such as Venom in Pattaya and Sitchapoo in Hua Hin.I recommend this place if you like the smaller boutique gyms with no fancy equipment, just good training and techniques. 

malmo muay thai, MALMO

One of the oldest gyms in Malmö, creating many Swedish Champions, the head trainers reputation is highly regarded in the Sweden scene! The club offers Muay Thai, Bjj and Kids classes. Located near Folkets Park, a bustling area in the Malmö area. The classes are high intensity and fast paced, there is a K-1 feel to the style of their Muay Thai, with that dutch style punching combinations and low leg kicks. The numbers of the classes can be quite high depending on the days you go. Definitely check it out if you're in Malmö, they have good connections for fighters, as they compete regularly at competitions in Sweden. 


A community based club under the YMCA banner that offers Muay Thai, BJJ, Hikari Do, Yoga, Taekwondo and HIIT classes. Holds a special place in my heart, due to the fact that I became one of the Muay Thai coaches there. The Taekwondo classes have a high level coach who is an ex Olympian who competed for Sweden! BJJ is run by Emile a black belt under the Gracies who teaches the Gracie system. From my first experience there undertaking a class with Cale, the vibe was very welcoming and friendly. Through mutual friendships I was introduced to Eric, the owner of Limitless Malmö who saw a key benefit of having my skills and experience added to his coaching staff. I was fortunate to be able to contribute in what way I could and I thoroughly enjoyed my imprint on the place over the year I was there. I believe I helped in a positive way on  how members experienced Muay Thai, showing real Muay Thai skills that I have learnt over my time in the combat sports world. Classes there varied from a warm up, pad work, drills and conditioning, sparring was made for Saturdays. A strong emphasis on technique was the focus. They boast a 4 level facility and is a big facility considering it is in the heart of Malmö. The vibe is very welcoming, family focused with a huge emphasis on community. They regularly have social events and everyone looks out for each other. Eric has established a culture that is different to other gyms in Malmö and you can tell by all the different types of people that come in young and old. It is a very international club with many expats attracted to the place, as all classes are in English. Tham coaches the Muay Thai and is season Thai with over 300 fights! He managed a gym in Chiang Mai and moved to Sweden. This is my unofficial martial arts home in Sweden, definitely check it out if you are in the Malmö area! 

limitless bk.JPG
limitless malmo.JPG

Odenplan Fight Gym, Stockholm

Located in Stockholm is a gym that has produced a lot of fighters on the European circuit. They have a good Muay Thai style and have various types of people, it's underground so it is quite cozy when it is busy. All the trainers there are very knowledgeable and have fight experience. They had some Thai trainers when I was there, and they had a relationship with Sitjaopho, a gym located in Hua Hin, Thailand. One of the twins was there coaching. The vibe is very welcoming and friendly and class varies depending on what you go to, as they have sparring, drills and general Muay Thai conditioning classes. They have some high level females, and a strong women's team. The facilities boast a weights area and a free mat area for classes, they are efficient with their space and utilize what they have really well. The location in Stockholm is quite nice too, it's close to the action and attractions are walking distance if you're traveling through. Definitely worth a try!

MaNana Academy, YSTAD 

A community gym located in Ystad, in Skáne. This town is a coastal area and is quite picturesque, this gym offers Muay Thai, MMA and BJJ. It is a small gym with the aim of leasing new space in the existing facility. A gym with a great vibe and friendly trainers. The BJJ program is run by Anders who has a long history of BJJ in Sweden and is considered a pioneer there. He is affiliated with Check Mat,  Bartosz teaches Muay Thai and loves to demonstrate and focuses on punches and knee combinations. It's open to all and everyone is warm and welcoming, I recommend this if you're in the Ystad area. 

May 2021.JPG


mma LAFAEK, Dili

This country has a special place in my heart obviously, and seeing the growth of martial arts since my first visit with Muay Thai in 2015 I can say proudly that it has grown and has a bright future. The facilities of this place are very poor but works for the capacity it has, they have makeshift mats, a few hanging bags and a Tin shed to cover their main space of training. It is located in the heart of Dili, utilizing the long founding sport clubs Dili e Benfica. A usual training session consists of warm up, drills and depending on the day sparring or some kind of conditioning. What is unique about the training before they start is a little prayer, as Timor is very religious to the Catholic faith, a quick 1 min group prayer before training is done before class starts. The main person who coaches Muay Thai his name is Antonio Barto, he is a passionate and committed individual who cares a lot about his students. I work closely with helping him develop the sport, and himself as a coach. They are also fortunate to have a Cuban wrestling coach who shares his skills with the team when he can. My experience in Timor Leste is more of a mentor or coaching role and just joining in the session, to help grow individuals there. You will get a work out and experience Timorese culture, due to its location and the locals are very friendly. They even have a nice Timorese/ Portuguese cafe at the place too. There is a slow growth of MMA and Muay Thai clubs in Timor but boxing, taekwondo and karate are much structured and participated in the martial arts world. I definitely recommend this place to get to know the locals better and find out more about Timor-Leste!


Alliance MMA, sAN DIEGO 

A world famous gym home to ufc champions such as Dominick Cruz and many more world class athletes! Located in Chula Vista, San Diego. Offers many services from MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and more. The Muay Thai classes are kickboxing style, with a focus on footwork. Anglea Hill is one of the trainers for Thai boxing and has an extensive kickboxing record, but also is a regular in the UFC. This is what you have access to at the club. The vibe was very professional and friendly, and catered to beginner to professional level. There are also many good Mexican tacos in these areas if you  love Mexican food! 

legends MMA, sAN DIEGO 

This was a small boutique gym that offered Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA, it boasts  a small mat space that is a tight squeeze, but with the right training partners does the job. The vibe of the place was great, but due to its size could be hard when a lot of people come in. The coaches are nice and knowledgeable in what they teach. The club rebranded into another club called Reily Muay Thai.  



My experience at this place was definitely something that I was very impressed with, the facilities they have here are something of a benchmark not just for Asia but the world. I was told it was one of the biggest in Asia! Located in Ho Chi Min, also known as Saigon, boasts services such as cross fit, MMA, Bjj, Muay Thai, boxing, fitness classes and a fully functioning gym. All the trainers there are high level at their craft, it is authentic coaching that can cater to all levels. The vibe was very welcoming and it was great to see the Vietnamese style of Muay Thai and their conditioning training. The technical knowledge from Nguyễn Văn Lĩnh is high level, he has had multiple fights in Thailand and fought at famous stadiums such as Lumpinee, he has a thai style to his techniques, is very friendly and speaks great English! Class varies depending on which one you go to as they have fighter oriented ones to more cardio type, but varies from a warm up, drills, techniques, pad work or bag work. I really recommend you try this place, if you're looking to get a sweat on and enjoy such amazing facilities!

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