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Generation Muay Thai: Project Timor-Leste

Aim:  To enrich the lives of Timorese Youth through participation in Muay Thai and promoting Albert as a positive role model to the community 

Program outcomes:

  • Support from the Secretary of State Youth and Arts Leovigildo Hornay

  • Donation of sporting goods to Sport Díli e Benfica and other sports clubs

  • Donation of a Boxing ring to Timor Leste sporting clubs 

  • Support from Boxing Clubs wanting to work in partnership

  • Coaching over 500 participants over the program

  • Organised an exhibition Thai Boxing display with appearances from the Ex Prime Minister and NobelPeace Prize Winner Jose Ramos Horta

  • Using Combat Sports to promote health and a way to engage Timorese youth

  • Promoting Muaythai at Timor Plaza and other commercial events

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