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gamma Asian mma championships, Kyrgyzstan,2021 

We had our first representation at the GAMMA Asian Championships 2021 in Kyrgyzstan via our ‘Timorese Assassin’ Albert Xavier. It was a great and competitive tournament hosting the best in GAMMA Asia, being our debut in the games Timor-Leste was represented well and put up a great fight against losing to Kazakhstan, who ended up winning the gold medal in the 70.3kg Division. We are proud of Albert’s heroics going there with no coach, corner or team and on short notice to be able to represent Timor-Leste. A special Thanks GAMMA for financially supporting, to get Albert to the games! We hope in the future we can have more athletes represented at the tournament and place on a podium at the next world championships!


VIVA Timor-Leste


gamma Asian, Pacific mma championships, thailand,2022 

Huge development in MMA in Timor-Leste, in the year 2021 we had just Albert represent and compete in Kyrgyzstan. From that momentum we managed to send Joel and Evans to Pattaya, Thailand for the 2022 Asian - Pacific Games.  Joel in the 61.2 Category and Evans in the 65.8 Category. It was both their international fight debuts but also their first flight on a plane!

This tournament we had Alberts role being the coach for the team, bringing invaluable experience to the team. 


It was a massive learning curve for both fighters and also our federation. Being able to observe all the high level competition but also being present at the official meetings was something new to the team. The boys performed well and got to see what it takes to perform at this level! Our Timorese delegates, the President of our Federation Kiak and Vice president Zeka physically got to meet all the GAMMA family which allowed for positive meetings on development on the MMA scene in Timor-Leste. 


It was an amazing successful tournament to be a part of and we would like to thank GAMMA and the Thailand MMA federation for hosting such a great event. It was a great learning experience for our young athletes, and we hope in the future to send more athletes and a bigger team. We want our team to be  united and to perform on the global stage against high level competition. We like to thank our sponsors who made this all happen in a short amount of time to send our team. The future is bright and we are planning  to develop MMA and Muay Thai in Timor-Leste to progress and improve.

VIVA Timor-Leste

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