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Assassin Training Inc.

Interested in improving your striking skills? Learn REAL Muaythai? Get fit? And have fun? Come train with me! With over 10 years’ experience in combat sports, I can help YOU improve on whatever goals you set yourself on!


Available for: 

- One on One Training 

- Group fitness classes

- Youth Programs 

- Fighter training 

- Beginner training


I have experience of a diverse range clientele from all levels, start your journey on getting better with me today!


You can contact via social media or email me on

Let me help on me on YOUR journey!  

See you soon!


Roots Muay Thai
Limitless Malmö
Limitless Malmö
St. Andrews International School
St. Andrews International School
St. Andrews International School
GAMMA Pattaya, Thailand
GAMMA Pattaya, Thailand

The next chapter in my coaching story.
I will be opening Young Bulls Gym,  and carrying on the name and its legacy. This club will offer Muay Thai,  Boxing, Bjj and so much more!

click on the link to stay up to date with all the developments 

Come join my team! And let me help you 'Unleash the Bull Within'





BJJ Black Belt 12+ Years in Martial arts

"Regardless of the level of experience, Alby is 100% dedicated to getting the most out of your training. He took me to a new level and I enjoyed every drop of sweat. It was my best year of training"


"I’m forever grateful for the day Alby walked in to my Muay Thai gym. After being stumbling in the dark for a couple of years Alby’s coaching became a real game changer not only for me but the whole gym.


Alby taught me what Muay Thai is all about and gave me the confidence to do things like I never thought I would do, like loving sparring. Alby has a great coaching style as he’s super pedagogical, has a good sense of humour, as well as being humble and at the same time a professional fighter. This means that everyone leaves their ego at the door and this makes a safe environment for all fighters regardless of their level. Last but not least Alby has the rare ability of creating a good sense of community at the same time as he sees the individual. I warmly recommend coach Alby and hope that he will coach me again sometime in future."

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 9.38.14 pm.png

"Alby introduced me to REAL Muaythai, got me FIT and I learnt a lot from his sessions. I  hope one day I can test myself in the ring. I didn't have that confidence to try before meeting Alby"


Beginner Level Muaythai


Beginner Level Muaythai

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