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Our Vision 
Sport and Recreation is a powerful tool to increase social capital. It forms the foundation to the structure of our programs and workshops. Our vision is grounded in six pillars to achieve our goals and outcomes:

1. Sharing the positive aspects of training in martial arts

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle through the participation in martial arts, sharing its true philosophies of  discipline, respect, commitment and fair play.

  • Having fun and forging new social relationships with members of the community.

  • Learning and growing through workshops and programs to embrace martial arts. 

2. Developing Athletes to Compete at the World Stage

  • Creating elite athletes and fitness professionals in Martial Arts, in particular Muaythai, Boxing and MMA.

  • Setting an industry standard from beginner level to elite level participation.

  • Providing a framework and environment that allows Timorese athletes to pursue athletic achievement in combative sports. 

3. Building International Partnerships
  • Scholarships programs to Australia: identifying potential athletes, providing them with an opportunity and environment  to achieve success.
  • Links to fight gyms in Thailand: Creating links and networks to high level gyms and facilities to help mentor potential Timorese athletes.
4. Establish more Organised Sporting Clubs 
  • Providing structure, guidelines, and policies to clubs to foster organised participation and a high quality sport administration.

  • Clubs working together to increase coaching quality.

5. Creating Regular Promotions 
  • Creating an amateur circuit and pro circuit multiple times a year to help create opportunities for athletes to compete and showcase their skills. But also with the aim to increase the profiles of fighters, athletes and gyms to the Timorese community. 

6. Implement Healthy Lifestyle and Training Concepts
  • Health promotion in losing weight, staying active, training concepts, nutrition, sport psychology,  social skills and creating positive outcomes for the community    

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